I still cannot believe that he's been gone from our lives, from my life now. Somehow, in the back of my head, I still keep thinking he's just in Manila on one of his yearly vacations.

There's this Claris text file he saved on my Performa from way back. I was teaching him how to use AOL and also the Mac's word processor. He wanted to write a book, I remember. But the only thing he was able to jot down was this test phrase: "This is the forest primival. Now is the time for all good men to come to aid of their fellowmen."

Back in college, my grandpa was my human "grammar checker", he usually helped me out whenever I was stumped on an assignment. I had always admired his compelling style of writing and his keen artistic sense. I liked to think that somehow, after hanging out with him for so long, some of that talent would eventually rub off on me.

I wish he could be here with us today so that I can share with him the success I am reaping from all the hard work he prodded me to persist on. It bothers me that I missed out on the opportunity to return all the favors that I felt I owed him. I'll never forget all the things he taught me, all the kind wisdom he passed on... I did good grandpa, all those times we had "the talks", it didn't fall on deaf ears.

Dedicated to Mr. Gregorio B. Pangilinan
April 26, 1915 - March 26, 1999
The Greatest Grand-Father