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This what I consider as a digital equivalent of "dabbling with paint". Most of these examples were done out of sheer fun, trying out new techniques and applying newly learned filters in Photoshop as well as practicing dexterity with Illustrator's drawing tools. Several of the designs you see here starts life as a hand sketch or drawing and then later scanned to be redrawn completely in Adobe Illustrator.

Click here to view traditional, digital, commercial artwork.

Benchmade Knives Illustration
Pocket Folding Knife Illustration. Based on the Benchmade Knife Company's popular folding knives, these are vector illustrations drawn for and entirely created in Adobe Illustrator CS.

The Italian Job's '69 Austin Mini Cooper S
The Italian Job Mini. Vector illustration based on the '69 Austin Mini Cooper S from the Michael Caine movie, The Italian Job. Artwork is hand-illustrated and then drawn entirely in Adobe Illustrator CS.

Valt Aoi - Beyblade anime's main character
Beyblade's Valt Aoi. Vector illustration of Valt Aoi — Beyblade anime's main character. Artwork is vector drawn entirely in Adobe Illustrator CS.

Nuka-Boy Shirt Design
Nuka-Boy Shirt Design. Inspired by Bob's Big Boy and Fallout's Vault Boy, I decided to do a mashup and call it Nuka-Boy. Artwork is hand-illustrated and then redrawn entirely in Adobe Illustrator. Interested in getting the shirt? Click here!

Pink Sisters Centennial Artwork
Pink Sisters Centennial Artwork. The entire graphics is drawn individually in Illustrator and later composited as a group artwork, also in Adobe Illustrator. The monstrance piece was created using a photo of the actual monstrance for reference.

Amy & Rory's
Amy & Rory's Fish Fingers & Custard. Hand-sketched caricatures (based on Doctor Who companions) and then redrawn in Adobe Illustrator to create a mashup design of Doctor Who + Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Each letter is also drawn in illustrator since these are custom fonts.

Who's that Pokémon! Some of my godchild's fave Pokémon characters redrawn in Illustrator. (Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.)

Hello EV
Hello EV. Another mashup idea I had for a shirt. Based on Wall-E's EV character and the lovable Hello Kitty, I bring you "Hello EV!". Completely drawn in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Rei Ayanami. I used Adobe Illustrator to redraw the detailed eye close-up of Rei, the lead character from the anime series Evangelion (Gainax).

Tribal Mask. Here's an exercise in digital illustration using bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator to draw a tribal mask.

Hot Metal
Hot Metal? Here's what boredom and Photoshop can do. Used lighting effects, channel manipulation and texturizer to create the above effect.

graphic design
G&D. Experimental layout composition using Creator, Photoshop and artsy-fartsy typography as design mediums.

Blues Traveler. I liked the group's cat logo so I decided to redraw it in Illustrator and then add the optical manipulation in Photoshop using channels and lighting filters.

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