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The realm of web designing is a very different animal from other design mediums such as print. Web designing hosts a slew of workarounds, frustrations, programming variables alongside an infinite creative space — that and the perks of instant gratification which web publication provides.

I hand code all of my HTML (XHTML, CSS and JavaScript as well) using the indispensable trio of BBEdit HTML/text editor, Adobe Photoshop, and CSSEdit. Additionally, I also occasionally use other applications such as Macaw's code-savvy web design tool, Adobe GoLive 6, Panic's Coda, TextMate, and Adobe Illustrator to aide in complex site layouts and graphic elements. When I started building a site for myself, I didn't know that I would be opening a whole new can of worms. Boy, was I in for a big surprise!

Below are several examples of web sites I designed and developed:

Wireless Phone Medics
Website and logo design for Wireless Phone Medics. Click here to see larger view or visit the live site at hendersoncellphonerepair.com.

Reptiles N Reefs
Website and logo design for Reptiles N Reefs. Click here to see larger view or visit the live site at www.reptilesnreefslv.com.

Web design for Import Track Day
Website and logo design for Import Track Day. Click here to see larger view.

US National Commercial Real Estate Services
Website design for US National Commercial Real Estate Services (Click here to see larger view).

Agilitek Corporation
Website re-design for Agilitek Corporation. Click here to see design (preview).

Brinoy Music
Website for Brinoy: Brazilian-Pinoy Music. Click here to visit the website.

Website template and logo design for ePublished.

JVOX Productions
Visit the live site for jvox.com. Website (and logo) design for JVOX Productions.

JLJ Capital Funding Resources
Visit the live site for JLJFunding.com. Website re-design for JLJ Capital Funding Resources.

Property Line
Property Line. Website re-design for Property Line, a company that focuses on the commercial real estate industry via listing, searching and marketing.

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. Website re-design proposal for Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.

Story-Share.com. A website design proposal for Story-Share.com

DiscoverART. A website design proposal for DiscoverART.

PowerClicks. A redesign of the Pennysaver PowerClicks website (which also included an entirely new logo design). Props to my freelance partner Jason Dooley for the awesome CSS implementation.

HRI. A website design proposal for Hartwell Realty Inc.

Las Vegas Investments Realty. A website design proposal for Las Vegas Investments Realty.

Eley Rozen Realty
Eley Rozen Realty (A collaboration site by the Property Line group: I provided the front-end design, while my friend Matt flash-animated the header.

Florida Grwoth Realty
Florida Growth Realty (View more templates)

OMVIC. A redesign of the entire Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council website (which also included the intranets and email newsletters).

Older web site designs and projects...

PennysaverUSA.com (Circa 2006) - complete website re-design, ad graphics, icons and HTML code with ASP hooks.

Dreams Lifestyle, Travel and Entertainment magazine (Circa 2005)


Discount Tire Centers
Discount Tire Centers

Phillip Ner Photography

Valdo Containers
Valdo Conatiners Inc.

YES Awards
Y.E.S. Awards

Orlando Condo Rentals

Baja Fish Tacos
Baja Fish Tacos restaurant.

Medical Career College
Medical Career College

Storage USA
Storage USA (franchise co-op website)

Symmetree Products

mattress gallery
Simmons Mattress Gallery

Money Mailer.net
Money Mailer's Franchise Licensing

Money Mailer.com
Money Mailer.com

VIVA Telecommunications
Viva® Telecommunications

PanPan Communication Designs
The PanPan Designs

Money Mailer 2000 ROM

Money Mailer's "i want 2 win"

Annual Convention
1999 Money Mailer Annual Convention

My main page
Personal home page (1997).

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